Circles Beaded Curtain


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Our beautiful new Iridescent “Spangles” circles beaded curtain is made out of awesome metallic PVC circles and is very lightweight. Each bead is attached to the next using jump rings, which makes this curtain very easy to make longer if you wish. You’d just purchase additional curtains and add the strands using the jump rings. 35.5″ wide x 6′ long. 10 strands of PVC circles that are 1.5″ in diameter. Rod is light gray. Please note: We carry the “Spangles” curtain in two versions: 12 strands and 10 Strands. THIS curtain has 10 strands. We also offer matching Chandelier decorations to match each of our 10 Strand Spangles Beaded Curtains!

Weight 1.14 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3.5 in